PELEIO's mission is to provide resources that support the growth of community-powered media production, so we can share & learn about the world through mutual collaboration.


PELEIO was never meant to simply be a company, and that’s why we call it a community: a network of people with stories to tell and the enthusiasm to work together.

Just as we relate to characters in a movie or series, the more human-kind can share authentic stories of our world, the more we can relate to and potentially understand those we have not yet met. These are concepts that transcend format, be it of marketing, narrative, or just plain fun.

Video content can be used to bring down the borders of our minds and create a more compassionate world for the generations to come.


Here to serve you, meet our PELEIO agent ambassadors for working with you.

Laura Garda


Jordan Urbanovich


Cleonara Thomas

Community Dev

David Chakmakjian


PELEIO, LLC was founded by Jordan Urbanovich, a Californian-turned-nomad who, over the course of a decade living out of a backpack, became a veteran traveling filmmaker. The focus of his films was never cinematic aesthetics worthy of Cannes or shock-inducing viral content worthy of the front page of Reddit; rather, it was the people he met on the road.
All these “normal” people had special stories to share, even if they didn’t realize it. As PRCPTION Travel, “documenting the smiles not the fear” became a meaningful way for Jordan to travel to places he knew he would likely never otherwise see. His community filmmaking eventually lead him to opportunities like documenting grassroots earthquake relief efforts in rural Himalayan villages of Nepal, exploring the local economic issues of remote communities in West Africa, and following the collaboration between indigenous communities and multinational corporations growing legal cannabis in Colombia.


If there was one takeaway Jordan could share from his experiences, it would be that he as a cameraman and filmmaker was never necessary for these communities to produce their stories. Smartphones are all but ubiquitous, as are cameras that capture video well enough to convey images and ideas. The role Jordan played in his filmmaking travels was the missing link between the stories of these communities and their lacking online videos: the inspiration, permission, and empowerment for people to share their stories on their own.

PELEIO was created to fill the space in that gap. Resources such as our storytelling guide and the videos on our YouTube channel aim to support the understanding, brainstorming and organization of a potential video story. Our mobile app and web platform have been developed to help you collect and manage your story’s media with the option to share it with a network of video enthusiasts eager to help splice it together and put it online with you.

We’d like to believe that PELEIO offers a little something for everyone, from experts who know what they are doing but dislike a certain task, to beginners who need guidance from the very first step.

What is "PELE"?

Pele is the name of the ancient Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire, known for creating the Hawaiian islands themselves. Lava flows and destroys, but also gives birth to fresh (and nutritious!) earth.

While we do not aim to appropriate Hawaiian culture into our brand, we resonate with the sacred concept of destroying the old to make way for the new, and accepting it as a part of nature and life. It is a fitting metaphor for our intentions in the realm of mass media on our internet today: we must begin to accept the flowing lava of change, and prepare to grow fresh territory.



Kathlyn Heim - "LOVE YOU LIVE YOU"

I was referred to PELEIO by a friend from whom he was highly recommended. I reached out to Jordan to discuss my goals and received an immediate response, something unheard of in this industry. After just one conversation he was able help me identify my goals that at the time were a bit unclear (wishy-washy). Jordan was extremely patient and focused on our conversations. It was apparent that he has a unique ability to see beyond words in order to identify passion and purpose, while seeking clarification.

After the first conversation I hired PELEIO for one month on a trial basis. By our second conversation, it was evident that Jordan was able to see the "bigger" picture. Jordan and his team brought vision to my dream and immediately took action to bring that dream into fruition. He is creative, innovative, and adept in marketing skills and social media campaigns. In addition, he and his team assisted in further developing my brand. I am confident that the PELEIO team will skillfully guide me to my destination with their talent, knowledge, and attention to me. I look forward to where this journey takes me.

Rene Urbanovich - "Creativist.Community"

I am drawn to PELEIO's unique perspective on branding, which takes the focus off impersonal marketing and shallow fan-based hype and puts it on the message itself, my message. I would have nothing if it weren't for Jordan and his team. I've been blown away by every service I've received: websites, promos, video clips, blogs, lead magnets, formatting and logos. The ability to transform my imagined goals into actual footage is magical.

PELEIO is always professional, always efficient and always willing to go the extra mile for artistic integrity. Other offerings like this are often streamlined and made like an assembly line, with overused clip art, or shared content. What you get with PELEIO is original, creative and meaningful and will ultimately serve to fit into the whole of the greater human story.

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