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Bring your business online
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PELEIO is a media production community that streamlines your content for short and long-term storytelling to your audience.

Our community resources help you with the organization, formatting and output of your content so you can focus on doing what you do best: creating.

We Brand Your Content


Slide CUSTOM SERVICES Content Formatting, Social Management, Online Presence, Uploads and Posting Looking to bring your business online? Got a podcast? A travel show? A vlog or blog? Don't let any of your creative moments go to waste! We help optimize your online presence by maximizing content flow. We'll even do it for you.

We build a relationship with you as we begin to present your brand to the world. Let us handle the aspects of the social networking creation flow--logo branding and animations, titles, thumbnails, subtitles, etc) so you can focus on your business.

You simply create as much raw content as you can, and we'll communicate your brand and its story in a way that the world today understands.
BRANDING: ANIMATIONS The intros, titles, thumbnails, and little odds-n-ends that bring your content to the next level. TEXT & COPYWRITING The descriptions, captions and blogs that no one wants to write. But they must be written. INSTAGRAM PRESENCE There's a difference between "presence" and "followers"--if you don't know what that is, you're missing the point. FULL ONLINE PRESENCE We'll do it all for you. Yup.
Even the tedious stuff.
HIGHLIGHT CLIPS, MONTAGES Show off the best bits of your channel, episode, home movies, or anything else. BITS & PIECES Custom theme music, audio mastering, website setup, keyword research, and probably whatever else you're missing. We got you.
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Learn To Collect Your Own Storytelling Footage

We host weekly community calls for you to have some personal creative consulting time with members of our team & network.

Alternatively, we also offer 1-on-1 walkthroughs, guidance, and consulting to support your in-house video production. From there you can use our platform to send your footage straight to us for editing--or empower one of your team members to train with us!

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Getting Personal

Hi! I'm Jordan, founder of PELEIO.
I spent a decade traveling the world and creating promo videos for people with interesting projects and valuable perspectives. A lot of those clips could have been filmed by the folks themselves, but I realized that they didn't feel empowered to do it on their own.

Meanwhile, out in a world full of stories, I was collecting footage so fast that I soon wished I had someone I could trust to put the pieces together while I traveled. But file transfers and getting on the same page with an editor was all just too complicated! was created to offer reliable solutions to these issues. We want to support you in planning, capturing, organizing, editing, and even distributing your video files so you can focus on creating content and telling your story.

Community Development

David Chakmakjian

Community Development

Jordan Urbanovich


Cleonara Thomas

Kathlyn Heim - "LOVE YOU LIVE YOU"

"...after just one conversation PELEIO helped me identify my goals that at the time were a bit unclear (wishy-washy). Jordan and his team brought vision to my dream and immediately took action to bring that dream into fruition... I look forward to where this journey takes me."


Storytelling comes in all formats, mediums, and lengths of time. We're proud to develop creative relationships with "clients" (we prefer to call them "friends") and explore new realms of possibility with them with online video... here's what a few of them have to say.

Rene Urbanovich - "Creativist.Community"

I am drawn to PELEIO's unique perspective on branding, which takes the focus off impersonal marketing and shallow fan-based hype and puts it on the message itself, my message. I would have nothing if it weren't for Jordan and his team. The ability to transform my imagined goals into actual footage is magical. What you get with PELEIO is original, creative and meaningful and will ultimately serve to fit into the whole of the greater human story.

Lau Garda - "Yin Yoga Argentina"

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Meet the Team!

Tessa Urbanovich

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